THOUSANDS of chickens at a school farm in north-west France ganged together to peck a unfortunate FOX to death.

The flock of fearless farms birds attacked the luckless intruder in their coop at an agricultural college in Gros-Chene.

Students doing their daily livestock check discovered the bloody body of the predator in the corner of the hen pen.

Pascal Daniel, the Britanny college’s head of farming told shocked reporters: “The dead fox was found in the corner.

“It seems the herd instinct kicked in and they attacked him with their beaks. It had blows to its neck.

“The hens would have acted en-masse and the fox could have panicked – they can be quite tenacious when they are in a pack.

“They have been there since July last year so have probably learned to defend themselves.”

The farm is home to up to 6,000 free-range chickens who are kept in a five-acre site.

The coop is kept open during day and most of the hens spend the daytime roaming outside.

When the automatic door closed the fox – around six months old – seemingly became trapped inside.

The luckless fox is not the chickens’ first victim as students regularly find “devoured” pigeons in the pen.

Nevertheless, Daniel insists the battling birds are not to be feared, describing them as friendly but “lively.”