The much awaited AfroFinns Award 2018 which took place at the Teatteri Forum in Helsinki was marred with irregularities and perceived manipulation of votes. Prior to the event night there were series of complaints from people who weren’t nominated despite their achievements in their field probably because they are not from the East Africa region  where majority of the organizers hails from.

The organizers took their biased minds to another level by adding their friends and cronies to the nominees list even when the nomination window has closed. Top artists like Odudu Equere, 2018 Voice of Finland quater-finalist and Mustard Seed, a well known Nigerian artist never made it to the nominees list maybe because they are Nigerians or because they are not from East Africa.

Comrade Obiwest Utchaychukwu, CEO Diaspora Reporters, President Diaspora Reporters Foundation Ry

It is a huge embarrassment and mockery on Africa as a whole for AfroFinns to tag the event “AfroFinns Achievements Award” because it’s not an award that reflects and connects the whole of Africa. The better acronym should have been “East Africans Achievements Award”

It is ridiculous for Calebin, a Nigerian afro hip-hop artist who recently won the biggest musical award in Europe (ADMA) not to have won, rather the winner of the AfroFinns afro artist award was given to a neophyte.

It is glaring to all that the organizers gave the wards to their friends and cronies. The votes didn’t count at all.

However, we are confident that the media award which was given to our contender was given to her not based on the number of votes casted but based on a cordial relationship with the organizers which vehemently negates the stipulated rules of the award.

A look into our contender’s facebook post, you would see that less than 30 people commented that they have voted for her when compared to over 200 people that indicated that they voted for Diaspora Reporters, not adding votes from our WhatsApp news group and Instagram.

Screenshot from those who voted and commented for the alleged winner

“It is on this note that the management of Diaspora Reporters are seeking a legal redress over perceived manipulated votes. We have contacted our lawyers and they asked us to write AfroFinns asking them to send us the collated votes, how people voted and how the votes were collated so that an IT expert could go through it.”

Screenshot from our Facebook page alone

What happend at the AfroFinns award night is an embarrassment to us and our brand and we wouldn’t handle it with levity.