Bishop Daniel Obinim attempts to fly to heaven for the second time at his church but was begged to stop by his congregation.

The founder and leader of Gods Way International, Bishop Daniel Obinim has once again attempted to fly to heaven during church service but he failed to do so because his congregation begged him not to fly away.

During church service, Bishop Danie Obinim Angel stated that he feels like flying away and he has the urge to vanish. The controversial pastor asked his congregation to take a good look at him when he is flying away because he really has the urge to fly away.

Angel Obinim urged his church members to capture the moment with their phones’ cameras because he was really going to literally fly away. However, his junior pastors and congregation begged him not to fly.

According to his Junior Pastors and Church members, flying away will hurt the church because they don’t know if God will allow him to return to them.

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