German Chancellor and head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel toasts during the Trudering festival in Munich, Germany, May 28, 2017. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

The conservative wing of the CDU/CSU push for Angela Merkel’s resignation citing the believed impending collapse of the Grand Coalition with the Social Democrats(SPD).

Alexander Mitsch, the leader of the conservative group within the Union, have asked Merkel to resign her position in favor of the newly elected leader of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

“It would be in the best interest of the Union if Mrs. Merkel would hand over control to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as soon as possible in an orderly fashion.”

The CDU-leader could then initiate the political change for migration and economic policies needed by Germany, according to him.

He believes after state elections in the East in which the SDP is envisaged to perform abysmally, will lead to an exit of the Grand Coalition by them.

To prepare for this scenario Mitsch wants the CDU to be proactive in the call for a change in the chancellery.

Just Friday several SPD-politicians threatened to exit the coalition if there was an attempt to replace Merkel with Kramp-Karrenbauer.

On Thursday leaders from both parties will meet again in a coalition committee.


Source: Voice of Europe