It is a cliche to say that judgement belongs to the sovereign God and it is still true. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm is still sacrosanct, no amount of criticism or backstabbing can change it. The hate, vilification and attacks against servants of God these days is worrisome. No doubt, attackers of men of God on social media is growing everyday. It has metamorphosed into a rebellious army from the coterie of people whose view is different from the conventional view. Nigeria being the fulcrum of all religious activities in Africa, has three ardent haters and attackers of pastors in Nigeria and Africa at large.

They are; Dr Sunday Adelaja, the Ukraine based Nigerian pastor who recently got his passport back after many years it was seized by the Ukrainian government over an alleged extra marital affairs with some ladies in the church and fraud. Daddy Freeze an OAP personality comes second in the list. Daddy Freeze always reacts to issues bordering the church and pastors. He constantly mocks pastors and he has rained abuses on many of them including A-list of Nigeria’s General Overseers.

Next is Charles Awuzie, a South Africa based Nigerian who claims to be a perfect preacher cum reformer who has the monopoly of the knowledge of God’s word. Charles Awuzie wants to become popular by all means by attacking and speaking ill of men of God in Nigeria. Awuzie who left Abuja years back went to South Africa to seek for a greener pasture before establishing a church that didn’t grow nor make impact. Charles Awuzie is a protege of Dr Sunday Adelaja, they run things together to delight their followers on social media.

It is the height of stupidity and foolishness for Charles Awuzie to insult Bishop David Oyedepo just because he doesn’t agree with his statement on tithing. Bishop Oyedepo had in one of his messages which is being circulated online told his church members that the reason Job suffered losses was because he was not a tither. He said to the church that there was no single place where Job was recorded to have paid tithe. While noting that Job gave to the poor, he said because he did not tithe he did not enjoy God’s protection.

Insulting a man who is old enough to be his father exposes the fake life of Charles Awuzie who prides himself as the perfect preacher, a reformer. He speaks against spiritual gifts because he is not gifted. Awuzie is a nobody, he is only forcing himself to be known on social media platforms that’s why he is attacking his fellow pastors to get likes on his Facebook page. What has he achieved all the years he has been living in South Africa?

The truth is that Charles Awuzie is only envious of these men he attacks. Recently he attacked Apostle Johnson Suleman where he said the news of his private jet is fake. It’s a publicity stunt he stated. He has said a lot of dirty things about men of God which are not true. Taking the position of a supreme judge which the bible negates is what Charles is doing. I pray he retrace his steps.