Honourable Simon Ekpa is a native of Ngbo in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State in South Eastern Nigeria. He is a Chief, a kingmaker and one of those in line to the throne. He is the son of the late King Nwangbo (The Ogaba Idu of Ngbo clan).

Hon Ekpa holds a Masters degree in Laws and is regarded as a genius in legal field. He is currently working on his PhD research thesis. A successful businessman and a beacon of the Igbo culture and tradition. He is the incumbent Chairman of Igbo Union Finland.

Below is his birthday message of hope

Chief Simon putting on Igbo traditional regalia

My birthday message of hope.

Using Simon Ekpa formula:
Negative – plus positive + = success.

So, growing up, life has taught me a lot. I can’t believe I am surging ahead from age to age. I have had ups and downs in life and it has been the most interesting part of my life (the ups and downs). My biggest thanks goes to my backstabbers, they’ve contributed a lot to my success, if any. The more they stabbed my back, the more they pushed me close to success, the more results I get. I can never have come this far without your negative contributions to my life. You’ve wasted a lot of time following and gossiping me to people that doesn’t matter to me, and even if they matter, your gossips brought the best out of me. If you hate someone, the best way is never to show your hate nor talk bad about the person, because immediately you do, and the person got to know, automatically you have reduced yourself, you’ve reduced your blessings and your future in comparison with that person will start to blink like Nigeria electricity lol.

To the positive people, you are my Angels, what can I do without you? You’ve showered me with love, happiness and everything that keeps me going. Your motivation is second to none. You’ve all made me believe that wealth and riches are measured by the people and lives you touched. You’ve made me believe that touching lives is not only with money (finance) but sometimes inspirations can touch lives better. Your encouragement has catapulted me to what I have become and I will continue to do good to people without boundaries.

When i was having sleepless nights, thinking 2, 3, 5, 10 years ahead, some people were busy inside their small and big rooms, blabbing and slandering my little name, that years has passed and those nights without sleep yielded results.
Are you doing the same thing to someone today? Do you see yourself among those who stay inside big or small rooms to gossip and slander people you hate? How many hours and years have you done that? If you find yourself doing this, there is spiritual consequences!! Pray that the person never get to know that you are gossiping him, but how is that possible? It is almost impossible that the person will never know, but the shocking consequence is that, the day the person got to know that all you do with your friends is gossip him/her, you’ve spiritually sold your blessings to that person. The person will start to work tirelessly to prove you wrong and whatever he/she touches, God will bless it extremely.

So, God in his infinite mercy continued to bless everything I touched. What else can I ask from God? Only long life, and also to my backstabbers and to those who genuinely love me and admires me.

Being a father is the most amazing part of my life, and my son Adam has a proud father and he knows it! Lol

I have come to know that failure is also success, where I fail today, someone else succeeded and where i succeed today, someone else failed. So, anything in life is win-win.

To God be the glory as this new age will bring a lot on table.

Happy birthday to me.
-Simon Ekpa-
(Obata Obie 1)