Finland is aiming at becoming a full fledged multiculturalist country where cultural diversity thrives. A country that’s shaped by a pluralism of lifestyles and ethno-cultural diversity. According to reports, Finland is over 90 percent homogeneous country and the government is making frantic effort to change the narrative.

The gains of multiculturalism and societal inclusion cannot be over emphasized. In most countries, immigrants play a pivotal role in social and economic development. Many countries that opened their borders for integration are reaping the dividends.

Immigrants have a role to play in integration drive, they need to get involve with what the country has to offer. It’s hight time they come out from their comfort zone and help the government to actualize it’s integration quest. In Finland, few immigrants are into politics, those who joined politics joined because they want to see how they could represent the interest of their community and help to change whatever policy that is not favourable to the community they represent.

The parliamentary election is coming up in April and campaigns are already in full gear. One of the candidates who is likely going to change the status quo and make history is Rita Kostama, a 40- year old mother of two children. Rita is originally from Rwanda, she came to Finland as a refugee quota in 1998. Her first home town was Turku. In 2010, she moved from Turku to Espoo before moving to Järvenpää with her family in 2009. She graduated from Laurea University of Applied Sciences in 2015

She was named a Refugee Woman of the Year 2016 by the Finnish Refugee council which brought her to limelight and KOKOOMUS was the first political party that approached her and she joined them. In 2017, she was elected as City Councilor in Järvenpää.

Her party nominated her for parliamentary candidate for the 2019 Finnish election by Coalition party of Uusima district. If she wins the parliamentary election, she will become the first black woman to become MP in Finland.