It’s appalling how our society has suddenly turned into a morally deficient one where our once revered values has now become a show of shame all because of transient wealth.

I am among the few Nigerians who will never congratulate naive Regina Daniels whose mother has successfully completed the transaction between  her and her shameless husband. Even a blind man could see that the young girl who recently crossed the prepubescent stage was transacted to the billionaire all because of money.

Regina Daniels father has reacted to the forceful marriage where he was never consulted by those who were contracted to cajole the young lady into a forceful marriage. He stated that her daughter is 17 years old and Ned Nwoko is 62 and not 59 that he is parading.

Ned Nwoko being someone who is already seeing tomorrow has compelled Regina Daniels into motherhood by bringing in fetish priests who performed the rituals that has henceforth made Regina Daniels to be glued to him till eternity even though he is not performing well on bed she would never in her life look for satisfaction elsewhere.

Regina Daniel’s mother is a big disgrace to motherhood. She is not different from the human traffickers on the dreaded Libyan routes. Shame on the so called Coalition of Nigerian Entertainers who have also come to collect their own share of the transaction between Regina Daniels and her shameless husband.



Obiwest Utchaychukwu 

Social critic and Human rights activist