Next Century Fashion, one of the foremost fashion outlet owned by an African is set to celebrate 20-years of it’s existence. The week long event is going to attract top entertainers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, etc

The story behind Next Century Week

The name Next Century Week comes from a 20-year old barbershop in Helsinki, which has grown into a community and a movement. People from various walks of life have found a community in the shop. A place to get your haircut, buy some fresh clothes or just come and chat while waiting to pick up your kids from school.

The youth brought up by Next Century want to inspire the next generation to contribute and be their best selves, as we’ve been inspired by past generations. We wish to celebrate the contributions made to the richness of the finnish culture and we invite everyone to come and celebrate the next century with us. This annual event will be about empowering, mentoring and sharing stories to support the youth.

Below is the event program: