Okay! I know some people might want to shoot me for this, but honestly, its an interesting topic

I was reading post as usual online and I came across this by Victor admin illa otu.

It reads:

How do you handle this kind of issue? The wife is a member of RCCG and the church is on 40 days Fasting. She refused the husband s*x because she is in Fasting mood. If you were in this man’s shoes, what would you have done? Hear him :

“Ben please what do you think I should do in this kind of issue. My wife is a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God. Their church is presently under 40 days Fasting and through out these 40 days, she won’t allow me to make love to her, I mean a woman I married with my hard earned money. Every year, she always do this and I’m getting fed up with it. I’m not used to Cheating but as it stands now, I have no option than to cheat. We are married for 2 years and this is the second year she is coming up with this fasting thing.

Ben, how can I handle this family issue ?” I need advice before I will request for hook up abi f**k Up. “

With Ila OtuAdmin

This matter na real strong one ooooooooo.

This brother needs an advice from well meaning Nigerians and guess what? The show of love was so overwhelming as We have shown to be our brothers and sisters keeper in time of trouble by sincerely feeling his pain through our response below filled with mixed feelings.

Some have adviced him to rape her, send her packing, cheat on her, endure, fast ad pray with her and so on.

Please read and advice a brother in need, as CONJI matter knows no age and he doesn’t want to f**k up.

Response Screenshot: